In short, this is what Suarise do:

Suarise an end to end social enterprise which enabling the digital sector to be more accessible for People with Disability, especially for visually impaired people.

About us.

Suarise contributes to solving three issues.

First is industry met competencies and limited mobility. By equipping the
blind people with skillsets that are needed in the digital era (such as digital content writing) and capacity to work on remote based will broaden the opportunity for the blind work inclusively in a company.

Second is equal access to information for blind people. Since the majority of website and apps is not developed with accessibility in mind, the
Indonesian blind community have very limited access to information and knowledge.

Last is accessible online class across 17.000 islands.

What we believe

About the future of digital industry

Digital Content Writing x Digital Accessibility

1. In Digital Empowered Future

Digital technology enable people to learn and to work from anywhere without exception – including people with disability, especially visually impaired people. With Digital Content Writing proficiency and Digital Accessibility, we can close the gap between people with disability and society, and start the real inclusion.

2. In Digital Writing Skillset

Digital Marketing nowadays is critical for any scale of business, from small to high enterprise. Digital Content Writing is paramount to improve discoverability, engagement, and people preference to buy someone’s product or services. It becomes crucial for any business to have a well-written digital content to increase business performance.

3. In Digital as Mobility Aid

Mobility is a serious issue for visually impaired people in Indonesia. While it will takes time for the infrastructure to be fully accomodate the need, digital ecosystem can overcome this obstacle. Thus, digital and online ecosystem is the best opportunity for VIP to be equals in getting various opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Our Focus

Digital Content Writing

To enable Visually Impaired People get equal opportunity to work, Suarise provides 6 month Digital Content Writing training. This skillset considered as a skill with high demand in the present,  enabling people to work remotely from their house.

With this skillset, companies will no longer exempt from the 1% employee with disability rule. 

Business, company, and organisation can now hire Suarise talents as their employee or their project based vendors for content writing.

Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility (A11y) is capacity of a website or an application to be accessible by people with disability. This access is not limited to visually impaired people, but also people with colour blind, deaf, physical and motoric disability, and up to cognitive disability.

There are a set of technical and non-technical implementation to be fulfiled in order for a website and an app to be accessible.