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with Suarise Talent Recruitment package

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Inclusive made easy

In order to provide seamless integration to your organisations, we will make sure the process runs smoothly and provide necessary supports for both employers and Suarise talents as employees.

3-months Onboarding Assitance

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production of websites.

In House Training for Accessible Documents

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production of websites.

Inclusive Company Directory Mention

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production of websites.

The Talents are

Intensively Trained for 6 Months

Every talent has been passing a minimum of 18 classes with 2 months on the job training simulations. All class tutors are professionals in the field for >10 years.


Suarise talents are shaped to be responsive and adaptive to remote working as the training combined online and offline methods, and full-online on-the-job training simulation. Thus, whether the employer provides supporting physical accessibility in the office becomes options instead of mandatory. Effective for both employer and employee.

High Performance

Talents have been through intensive exercises and homework which equal agency-like pace. This robust experience includes brainstorming, correspondence, and revision feedbacks.

Topic Specific

We develop TIC (Talent’s Interest Categorisation) to map every talent’s competence and potential of topics they can excel. Therefore, companies and organizations may find the perfect fit using this data.

Our result to date


SEO friendly articles developed

Topic from FMCG, green and sustainable living, lifestyle, economic, health, relationship, foods, etc.


Happy Clients

Current clients vary from start-up to NGO. Are you the next?


Training batches

One is currently on going.


Hours of training

From theory, practice, answering brief, brainstorming, and remote working simulation.


Visually Impaired Content Writers Available

Suarise talent graduate from batch 1 and 2.

Want more? Be our Hiring Partners!

Hiring partners mean that you book the most high-performance talents from each training by early involvement. To find and shape the perfect for your company need, you may get the slot in the exercise sections to have your brief or your industry topics. You will also get monthly updates during the training period.

If you want to have CSR with us, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Regulation Complience

Undang-undang No 8 Tahun 2016, Act no 53

1) The National government, local government, BUMN and BUMD are obligated to employ People with Disability at least 2% of their total employee.
2) Private companies are required to recruit at least 1% of their total employee from People with Disability .

Inclusive Employers Story

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